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The story of Gold Note is one of dedication and talent. And, like all business success stories, it is a plural experience: the paths of a vast community of people intertwine in the magnificent headquarters nestled in the Florentine hills. Every day, these people put their skills and abilities at the service of the same goal, the Italian sound.

But in the beginning was Maurizio Aterini. It’s the end of the Seventies of the last century; Maurizio is only eight years old: one night his father comes home with a stereo system that will change his entire life. From that moment, his passion for audio reproduction systems is ignited. At the beginning it is little more than an interest he shares with many of his peers, something that fascinates and intrigues him; but as time goes on, this pull grows and in the Eighties Maurizio, now a young man, starts studying engineering at the university.

1992 is a pivotal year: Maurizio decides to challenge himself and he founds a technical design studio for third parties. Those are the years when he designs a specific tonearm that, up to these days, is still mounted on the Gold Note turntables with very few changes: the B-5, a model with an accurate distribution of the weights along its longitudinal axis, which guarantees a perfectly balanced configuration.

Commission after commission, the company achieves a good reputation among the international community, eventually asserting itself as an important boutique of sound engineering. The industrial model proves to be able to offer to the market creativity, engineering and production startup, thus guaranteeing the utmost flexibility at the service of the companies’ needs. The growth of the working group runs parallel to the company development: in the early 2000s, technicians and designers are joined by other figures, like Elena Basciano, Maurizio’s wife, who joins the company as head of human resources, putting to good use the experience she gained as head of many large international corporations. In 2007 Alessio Oronti becomes an associate and enters the executive ranks of the company.

In the meantime, a new type of interlocutors looms on the horizon: no longer just constructors with very specific catalogue requirements, but also distributors without well-established brands, looking for a new one. It’s at this moment that Maurizio, Elena and Alessio realize that it is time to leave the third-party industry. In 2012 Gold Note is founded. It’s the beginning of a new story: many of those who used to be their clients are now competitors; but the market looks promising: from the very start Family sound and design are recognised as the distinctive traits of the brand. Today, more than ten years after that moment, the company controls all the major markets, and it has a well-established reputation both among the experts and the audio enthusiasts as a guarantee of audio excellence. In such a competitive and crowded space as the world of audiophilia, Gold Note is a synonym of reliability, sonic quality, constant research for innovation and respect for the tradition of the Italian sound.

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