Integrerade förstärkaren Vitus RI-101 Mk.II recenseras i Mono & Stereo.

"The RI-101 MK2 is a clear example of technical prowess, packaged in a timeless cabinet with the functionality and refined inner workings that have been honed over decades, and exude sonic authority like no other integrated I’ve tried".


Vitus Audio RI-101 MK2 Integrated Amplifier Review

Vitus Audio is one of the most-known manufacturers of high-end audio electronics on the market with a long-standing tradition, a remarkable heritage, an impressive product portfolio, numerous awards and an exceptional number of satisfied owners around the globe. 

The Vitus Way

At Vitus Audio, the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement is firmly anchored, and the slogan “Forever Now” is not just a phrase, but a core ideology that is reflected in every facet of Vitus Audio’s operations.⠀


I’ve been around long enough to remember when they came on the market and how successful they have been over the years. It’s certainly not easy to achieve anything significant in this industry, but to keep the spark alive and survive in a highly competitive market deserves respect at the very least.

“At Vitus Audio everything works until proven not to. This way we always try to push the limits and explore the unexplored. As a result of this, many of the solutions we use today are considered to be “impossible to ever get working”, however they have convinced many people and industry world wide of the opposite.


At first glance, the deliberately minimalist appearance and controls of the Vitus Audio RI-101 MK2 integrated amplifier may appear somewhat sparse. On the contrary, this is a device that goes into depth and requires a certain amount of explanation. Here is an official manual that gives a complete overview of the RI-101 MK2.


RI-101 MK2 operates in Class A for the first 12 watts and then switches to Class AB. The amplifier is rated at 300W into 8 ohms and is capable of driving even the most demanding loads with effortless ease and control, drawing its power with ease from carefully and cleverly designed circuitry and power supplies.

In reality, many amplifiers do not intentionally drain the essence of the music while pushing the amplifier core to the max. The RI-101 MK2, on the other hand, got warm, but not unreasonably hot, and hardly broke a sweat even during complex passages and thunderous crescendos.


The RI-101 Mk.II has three XLR inputs (balanced), and two RCA inputs (unbalanced) and can be equipped with an optional DAC card, which offers a streamer input (Ethernet), a S/PDIF input (RCA), and an AES input (XLR).

  • Connection options with the optional DAC/streaming module (version 2023)
  • The RI-101 Mk.II is Roon Ready certified
  • The RI-101 Mk.II supports Mconnect, UPNP/DLNA, Tidal Connect, Spotify Connect, V-tuner, and Qobuz, among others.

Volume control

The topology of the volume control in the RI-101 Mk.II differs greatly from the norms. The RI-101 Mk.II uses a series of fixed resistor networks to control the volume from -80dB to +8dB in 1dB steps. Relays are used to switch between the resistor networks.


A fixed resistor is connected in series with the signal path across all volume levels. This ensures the best possible performance. If you change the volume, a different number of shunt resistors is used.

To avoid crackling noises and pops at the output, Vitus Audio has decided to activate shunt resistors first and then wait a short time before removing the unused shunt resistors at the new volume level. 

This will cause the volume to drop slightly before leveling off at the new volume level. It takes little to no time to get used to this type of volume control and it offers better sound quality than the traditional digital and analog potentiometers.

The Music

No matter the genre, Vitus Audio RI-101 MK2 effortlessly reproduces all the antipodes, from the thundering, minutely changing dynamics, behaving like a chameleon, ethereal and effervescent, always in the East of Eden with a submarine depth of music like no other integrated I’ve tried.

No matter what reference tracks or albums I’ve played over and over again, the Vitus Audio RI-101 MK2 has proven in its way how prudently can communicate and convey emotion and create an interactive connection while never failing to handle the music variety with a most profound authority.

Yellowjackets – Parallel Motion

My affection for the Yellowjackets goes way back, since their collaboration with one of my favorite artists – Michael Franks. The Yellowjackets are constantly reinventing themselves, and their prolific and impressive output, spanning four decades, cumulates in elevated instrumental electro-acoustic escapism.

The whole album is captivating, but “Onyx Manor” really gets to the heart of the matter, challenging any amplifier or system to get it right on so many fronts.

The Vitus Audio RI-101 MK2 integrated amplifier underpins the layers of “Onyx Manor” with an exceptional backdrop while projecting ultra-vivid detail.

Regardless of price, many amplifiers can act like a chameleon, but only as long as the hue is monochromatic, but the RI-101 MK2 blurs the line between the original and the reproduced material unlike any integrated I’ve tried.

The Vitus Audio integrated amplifier is inciting but not garrulous, and I was completely surprised at how competently and effortlessly it unleashed musical splendor.

The RI-101 MK2 is incisive, gauging intrinsic value as the tip of the iceberg and steals the limelight with meaningful connections to the listener. Something that can’t be said of too many amplifiers and integrated amplifiers, regardless of price.

Joe Satriani – Not Of This Earth

This is another reference-level record that may feel simplistic, but it underscores so many demanding attributes. If the entry-level integrated amplifier from Vitus Audio can unleash so much emotional power and dynamism with Surfin With Alien by Joe Satriani, then I wonder what the climb up the ladder can bring.

The RI-101 MK2 exudes the power and energy of Satriani shredding with surprisingly big mojo and far exceeds expectations, especially for a one-box solution that allows every note to resonate with the heartbeat of the legendary guitar virtuoso, but eschews any kind of QCing.

Vitus Audio integrated amplifier has brought out the complexity of multiple layers of guitar tone with further micro and macro detail, expanding the sense of space (but not to an artificial extreme) and touching my inner crux pleasantly and effectively through the rendering of the even-odd harmonics and natural-life-like resonances of guitar distortion.

The RI-101 MK2 once again proved to be an excellent performer, highly malleable, rendering music in its natural state without diverting into undesirable extremes.

T Bone Burnett – The Other Side

The Other Side, the latest output from T Bone Burnett, is sublime and enchanting, somehow recalling the similar mood and spirit of Raising Sand, an iconic studio album by Alison Krauss and Robert Plant produced by  T Bone Burnett.

With RI-101 MK2, one is immediately enveloped in a similar narrative and poignant lyricism that evokes a different kind of emotive spark and drama. 

The Vitus Audio RI-101 MK2 integrated amplifier not only gives the music the necessary spatial dimension, but also allows it to fully unfold, being naturally fluid, demonstrating at every turn how the RI-101 MK2 can reproduce the music at its heart with both delicacy and refinement, while establishing a unique lacuna state, that is normally associated with the very upper echelon of high-end audio amplifiers. 

Some amplifiers hide the details of the music due to their circuitry and hinder emotional interactivity by the way they treat even and odd harmonics. In contrast, the RI-101 MK2 does not take away the essence of the music but whisks the listener into the endless nodes of what appears might as aural simplicity, but it is a manifestation of a micro-universe of diversities at large, clearly demonstrating that the RI-101 MK2 has that rare emotional component etched deep into the core of the amplifier. Nouf’ said. This attribute alone is worth all the high praise.

Phantoms – 0

On this album, which was produced by none other than Andrew Scheps, I particularly like the track “Low Roar”.

Not only because of its continuous impetus but also because it is both dynamically and harmonically mesmerizing and challenging in many ways.

I was quite surprised by the Vitus Audio RI-101 MK2 integrated amplifier’s ability to bring “Low Roar” to life without imposing its stamp or sonic saturation.

With the RI-101 MK2, you dive into the depths of “Low Roar”, the music is the focus, at forte, the Icelandic sparkle is at the epicenter, and the Vitus integrated amplifier is fast and slow when it needs to be, in absence of hiccups, transmitting musical overtones without boosting certain frequencies, and providing a pristine, glassy sonic expanse without compromising the natural, dark warmth.


In the world of a ubiquitous overdose of high-end audio products, the Vitus Audio RI-101 MK2 integrated amplifier has gained impressive visibility and popularity, and this is due to the Vitus way, pioneered by the charismatic founder Hans Ole Vitus.

Vitus Audio has found and established its grammar of design, which has been copied by many manufacturers, but the initial influence remains unremitting representing both sonically and visually, a golden age of Danish design.

Everything under the hood of the RI-101 MK2 is based on an intensive research and development project that spanned several years and represents a world of its own when it comes to music reproduction. From the very beginning, Hans Ole Vitus had a clear vision of how Vitus Audio products should sound and look, and over the years many have tried (unsuccessfully) to imitate both the look and the sound. The exceptional know-how continues with each new generation of electronics, and this is reflected in sonic accuracy as well as the golden trinity of timbre, tone, and color.

The brand is positively obsessed with the sound of its propriety modules, which are the cornerstone of all Vitus products and which make them intrinsically and brilliantly different. They have the same extreme fanatical attention to testing and stress-testing their equipment before it leaves the factory. To this end, they have developed a series of tests to ensure the longevity of the products. Of course, this can not change the nastiness that some shipping services are so well known for, but they do their best to ensure that the product is technically perfect and packed properly before it is delivered.

The RI-101 MK2 is a clear example of technical prowess, packaged in a timeless cabinet with the functionality and refined inner workings that have been honed over decades, and exude sonic authority like no other integrated I’ve tried.

When organized concepts involving listening and voicing are the guidelines for selection, such a strong conceptual framework ensures a challenge to the competition.

Vitus Audio’s RI-101 MK2 integrated amplifier is a showstopper, with technical prowess skillfully woven into the product in the absence of sporadic design decisions. Beyond the symbolic meaning, and the reproducing of the authentic spirit of the music, the RI-101 MK2  permeates the market in a completely different way.

And this is put into practice at once with listening. So many amplifiers come with a fast and slow charm that fades with time. With the Vitus Audio RI-101 MK2, the honeymoon period simply doesn’t stop and it brings a seismic shift when it comes to the realms of integrated amplifiers, with both clarity and natural warmth that leaves many peers behind.

The Vitus Audio RI-101 MK2 is not only a fully-fledged state-of-the-art integrated amplifier but also a quiet, everyday partner destined to serve audiophiles, high-end audio aficionados, and music lovers. It follows the philosophy: when there is nothing more to add, but also nothing more to take away the circuits are endowed with pure Danish, Nordic minimalism with zen-like balance and a vibrancy that is bursting with contrasts. 

When it comes to the upper echelon high-end audio reproduction, either the music sounds right or it’s a sonic red herring.

For Vitus Audio, it’s not just about the specs, but even more so about performance and musicality. To often overlooked, but regardless of the trends, the most important thing is to have your values and stick to them, and Vitus Audio embodies this perfectly, ultimately culminating in an immersive, indelible reproduction of the music.

I’ve often pointed out that 300W into 8 ohms is an optimal level for any modern amplifier to drive a wide range of speakers, and the RI-101 MK2 proudly and boldly delivers this power with grace and thunder when required.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of electronics engineers who can build a perfectly accurate high-end audio amplifier. But building a stream of refined electronics while in sync with developing a brand based on a genuine foundation and constantly expanding is something very special. From the very beginning, Hans Ole Vitus has managed to create a unique connection between technology and passion that is part of the Vitus Audio “Forever Now” motto. The laser-sharp determination is reflected in the way Vitus Audio, under the baton of Alexander Vitus Mogensen and Lukas Eriksen, is preserving the rich Vitus heritage and leading the brand into the future.

In the endless flood of audio devices, the Vitus Audio integrated amplifier is made by people for people, and this is evident with every turn of the device and every note played. RI-101 offers are rare combination of electronic science working with product voicing in concert with each other. A splendid amplifier frees music from predictable and this is exactly what Vitus Audio delivers; excitement at every turn. 

RI-101 MK2 is no Kenissi play but encapsulates a unique Madeleine de Proust phenomenon. Like in the watch industry foundation of Haute Horlogerie micro-mechanisms, Vitus Audio prides itself on its “manufacture caliber” modules that have been refined over the years, like the well-known watch mechanisms.

In a world where many (integrated) amplifiers, even far more expensive feel like ébauches, the RI-101 MK2 embraces zeitgeist and Danish by design from the heart. High-end audio brand with unique qualities.

The RI-101 MK2 fearlessly redefines the concept of the integrated amplifier by anchoring one of the best-integrated amplifiers I’ve had the pleasure of trying in recent years. Arriving with a seamlessly balanced blend of performance and tonal power, the RI-101 MK2 is instantly inspiring and captivating without having to fathom what’s behind all that makes it so.

If you are lucky enough to spend time with one, you’ll understand why it’s currently a cut above many of its contemporaries.

RI-101 MK2’s timeless elegance and simplicity hide an ultra-refined core that makes no unnecessary noise and becomes one of the industry’s heavyweights. All this and more makes Vitus Audio a main stay Saying that Vitus Audio is Danish is like saying that the Eiffel Tower belongs to Paris. It’s not about making watches in Denmark; it’s about making watches the Danish way (Vitus Audio),

The RI-101 MK2 stuns with sonic authenticity and intoxicating Technicolor-like warmth. Like the ethos of the company’s founder, Vitus Audio’s entry into the world of the amplifier portfolio is bold and forthright when it comes to performance.

When an amplifier makes you react interactively to the music and the music gets the power to do so, that’s when the magic happens. And that’s all the magic it takes. So often trumpeted in marketing blurb, so rarely delivered.

The RI-101 piques curiosity, with its top-notch, tube-accented midrange, coupled with a powerful, fast, and focused bass that never pushes into the brittle realms of the Vitus Audio integrator, perfectly implementing the maxim “if it sounds good, it is good”.

So who is the RI-101 MK2 suitable for? People who are interested in music and want to engage with their beloved artists in a completely different way.

The Vitus Audio goes against the high-end audio industry’s obsession with measurements, nth-degree THD specs, etc. Not that they don’t measure well. They do, but Vitus Audio RI-101 MK2 simply strives for a pure music delivery that reproduces the music in all its warmth, handling even and odd harmonics in unison, always in sync with the material being played.

Vitus doesn’t need to constantly change its product portfolio to win over new and conquer long-established Vitus Audio customers. As with other products, the RI-101 MK2 speaks for itself. It’s a beautifully built labor of love courtesy of a company that knows as much about its field as anyone if not more. 

There’s no question that this review will ruffle some feathers, but the Vitus Audio RI-101 MK2 integrated deserves to be highlighted and more than deserves to be awarded the Mono & Stereo 2024 Editor’s Choice Award. 

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The Price

  • RI-101 Mk.II – €18.000
  • DAC/Streamer module – €4.500
  • Optional DAC module with USB input – €4.000

Technical Specifications

INPUT XLR analogue RCA analogue
Available 3 (L+R) 2 (L+R)
Sensitivity 2 VRMS 2 VRMS
Impedance 16kΩ 16kΩ
OUTPUT (Each Ch.) Speaker Pre/Tape out
Available 1 set balanced 1 (XLR)
Impedance 0.075Ω 33Ω
Power WRMS (8Ω) ~8W Class A / ~300W Class AB
Power WRMS (4Ω) ~16W Class A / ~600W Class AB
Frequency response +800kHz
Signal to noise ratio >100dB @ 1kHz
THD + noise 0.04% @ 100W / 1kHz
Type Relay controlled fixed resistor network
Steps -80dB to +8dB in 1dB steps
Standby <1W
Operation 90W (no load)
Operation with DAC Streamer 120W (no load)
Operation with USB DAC 120W (no load)
Height 182mm including feet
Width 435mm
Depth 470mm (with connectors)
Weight 38kg (w/o DAC/Streamer)
DAC / STREAMER BOARD (optional 2023 version)*
Connector 1x RJ45 1x RCA 1x XLR
Impedance 75Ω 110Ω
Max S/Rate 384kHz + DSD128** + 384MQA 192kHz 192kHz
Resolution 32bit 24bit 24bit
USB DAC BOARD (optional)*
Connector 1x USB B 1x Toslink 1x RCA 1x XLR
Impedance 75Ω 110Ω
Max S/Rate 192kHz + DSD 128 96kHz 192kHz 192kHz
Resolution 32bit 24bit 24bit 24bit