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Mats Andersens nya flaggskepp lämnar ingen oberörd. En makalös tvåvägshögtalare som får även den mest luttrade audiofil att släppa ner hakan.

Spelar som en fullvuxen golvhögtalare.

31 kg styck.

Delningsfiltrena väger 6 kg styck.

Mer detaljer

253 000 kr


Den har redan börjat skörda priser i USA.

• 2-way fullrange speaker

• Qboard® Qln unique multi layer damping cabinet technology
• 25mm wide surround, AirCirc magnet, soft dome tweeter:
• 184mm Kevlar® cone woofer
• High-end brand crossover components from leading manufactures
• Qln SP-One pure copper solid wire acoustic shielded cable
• Sensitivity: 87 dB SPL 1 Watt 1m, 100-10kHz
• Low frequency performance: -3dB 38Hz
• Impedance: 8 ohms
• Amplifier requirements: 50-250 Watt RMS
• Terminal: WBT Single wire
• Dimensions (HxWxD): 448x280x480mm
• Weight: 31,0 kg each
• Finish: Walnut Matte, Walnut Burl Piano 

Part-Time Audiophile har utsett den till årets produkt 2023:

2022 product of the year

And the Part-Time Audiophile 2022 Product of the Year is…

…the Qln Signature loudspeakers.

Surprise, huh? But here is the reason why the Qln Signature monitors are the PTA 2022 Product of the Year: they deserve it. I kept saying things like “I can’t keep picking two-way speakers every year” and “we really need to pick an amp or a turntable or something” and then a singular thought popped into my head.

How fair is that to the Qln Signature?

Why penalize Qln’s Mats Andersen for creating my favorite component in 2022 just because it’s not a DAC or a $25,000 phono cartridge made of gold? I’ve spent decades looking for the perfect two-way monitor, and I think I’ve found it. Will I find something else I like more next year? Possibly. It’s an occupational hazard. But right here, right now, in 2022, the Qln Signature is at the top of my list for Santa.

I hooked the Qln Signatures to $5,000 integrated amps with a $300 pair of AudioQuest Rocket33s, and I hooked it up to $135,000 worth of amps, cables and power management. Not once did I hear a sub-optimal match, or something that sounded less than spectacular. Dave McNair once spoke of a pair of speakers as “the marrying kind,” and that’s how I feel about the Qlns, like my search has ended. That brings up, of course, our previous qualifier–that I’m the only one who had heard the Qln Signatures up to that point. Fortunately, much of the crew that covered the 2022 Capital Audiofest heard the Qlns, and when they returned they all gave this incredible loudspeaker their blessing.

Congratulations to Mats Andersen of Qln, as well as Qln sales manager Mark Sossa for winning the 2022 Product of the Year.


Qln’s Signature communicates music’s message with the utmost skill and balance. How do we achieve this?
Perfectly flat frequency response, low distortion, hyper detail, sparkling resolution? No!
It doesn’t matter how impressive a speaker measures if it leaves the listener un-involved with the music. It is this engagement that we at Qln passionately pursue in our designs.
To achieve this, we took a deep look into every aspect of the speaker and interpreted them in relation to how we as humans hear and react to music. A flat frequency response or low distortion doesn’t say much about how a speaker ultimately sounds. There is so much more to this craft than is readily known or discussed.
We have concentrated our efforts in perfecting a technically sound design that also evokes great emotion and sensory connection to music. The Signature is the greatest expression of our core philosophy and approach to loudspeaker design.

Qln Signature
The Signature has always been a standalone model in Qln’s portfolio. With the Signature the goal has always been to push the boundaries of what is possible for a monitor speaker with our truncated pyramid cabinet design.
Each successive generation has taken a step in this direction and none more significant then now. The Signature has always been at the forefront of technology with time aligned drivers, minimum baffle surface area, minimal cabinet resonance, phase coherent crossovers, impedance matching speaker to amplifier, and electromotive force (EMF) reduction back to the amplifier.

For the Signature’s 5th generation, we have taken these core design principles to new heights.A slanted baffle provides perfect time alignment between the woofer and tweeter and the sloped truncated pyramid cabinet top with its minimized surface area suppresses baffle effects and standing waves inside the cabinet. The result is a three dimensional stereo image with life like depth and spatial cues of the recording environment.


Our technology


Cabinet design
A slanted baffle provides perfect time alignment between the woofer and tweeter and the sloped truncated pyramid cabinet top with its minimized surface area suppresses baffle effects and standing waves inside the cabinet. The result is a three dimensional stereo image with life like depth and spatial cues of the recording environment.

The Signature cabinet is fully constructed from Qln’s unique Qboard® technology, effectively eliminating structural resonances in the acoustic chamber. The bass reflex port with its trumpet shape at both ends also further eliminates air turbulence.

Read more about Timing
Read more about Qboard®


The proprietary 7” Kevlar® mid-woofer is custom designed by Qln together with industry renowned, Danish driver manufacturer Scan Speak and offers state of the art 21st century driver technology.

The Qln developed coated Kevlar® bass/midrange driver with under hung magnet system (where the voice coil is in the magnet gap all the time) forms a completely linear motor system. This allows for open air flow without any compression or turbulence resulting in micro details and absence of acoustic noise found in normal basket designs. A built-in copper ring in the magnet system offers symmetrical drive, and lower voice coil inductance producing higher dynamics in the midrange while also suppressing intermodulation distortion. All these technical innovations result in astonishing micro/macro dynamics from a 2-way speaker design.



The advanced 25mm wide surround tweeter offers remarkable vocal reproduction and excellent imaging at all listening positions. Its large roll surround and textile dome diaphragm provides a flat frequency response above 30 KHz with outstanding off-axis dispersion. The unique AirCirc magnet system and its rear chamber eliminate any reflections and resonances.



The constant impedance crossover has been completely redesigned and hardwired with non-inductive capacitors bypassed with copper film capacitors for tweeter parts. For the mid-woofer we only use flat foil inductors. All components are fastened with soft damping glue and remaining coils are baked to avoid any internal component and filter resonances. Precision metal film resistors with high power handling capabilities offering lower noise and temperature stable performance are used for the tweeter, and 20W resistors are used for the woofer. With these elements we achieve near perfect timing within the crossover coupled with low noise characteristics throughout the entire frequency range.



Cables, speaker connectors and internal damping. 
Internal cabling is our own special design produced in Sweden. Solid pure copper core wrapped around a polypropylene core with polypropylene isolation, bounded with a high damping acoustic shield to minimize acoustic feedback. All components are carefully hand selected and individually tested for any deviances. 
Speaker terminals are WBT Nextgen® connectors made of the highest grade silver plated copper with minimal copper mass for low energy storage lowering distortion and offering the purest contact to the speaker cable.
For internal acoustic damping we use real wool. Wool is the best material for internal acoustic damping but we need a small amount of syntetic fibre to get the right density.



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