Vitus RI-101 MKII Expand

Vitus RI-101 MKII Integrated Amplifier

Vitus Audio Vitus Audio


Stark och vacker.

Svärta OCH nerv.

Yin och yang i ett.

Byggd som ett kassaskåp och makalös på alla sätt och vis.

2 x 300 watt.

Kan utrustas med dac och streaming.

Cinema bypass funktion.

Editors Choice - Mono & Stereo 2024

Finns för demo.

Mer detaljer

215 000 kr


“I had to force myself to keep notes as I kept getting lost in the music. The amplifier showed no ‘favouritism’ to any genre of music. It had no issues with reproducing all my music, even opera… If it does not move you, get a Vitus and if that fails, check your pulse.”

George Sallit - Wam


Vitus instegsförstärkare. 

Utrusta med antingen dac eller dac + streaming, eller använd som ren förstärkare om du redan har bra digitalomvandlare.

Läs mer om mina tankar om denna förstärkare genom at tklicka här

Läs en lysande recension hos Mono & Stereo genom att klicka här. Från 22 maj 2024.

"The RI-101 MK2 is a clear example of technical prowess, packaged in a timeless cabinet with the functionality and refined inner workings that have been honed over decades, and exude sonic authority like no other integrated I’ve tried."


Three words that best describe the RI-101 Mk.II and a hint at the feelings this integrated amplifier will engender in the listener. This amp, the first product designed for our Reference Series and the entry point to the world of Vitus Audio, quite simply sets a new standard for sound reproduction at this price point.

Our engineering team have created a component that raises the bar of solid state integrated amplifiers. With Vitus Audio’s signature minimal styling and the possibility of expansion with other components from the Reference Series, the RI-101 Mk.II will happily sit at the heart of your system for a lifetime.


The RI-101 Mk.II has three XLR (balanced), two RCA (unbalanced) inputs and can be specified with an optional DAC board offering a streamer (Ethernet) input, an S/PDIF (RCA) input and an AES (XLR) input. This is the workhorse at the heart of your system giving 300 W per channel to 8Ω speakers and 600 W at 4Ω.

In this iteration, experience enhanced resolution and blackness thanks to the updated input stage and pre-amplifier section. The noise floor is significantly lowered and the incorporation of the higher resolution volume control from out SL-103 and MP-L201 models offers you even greater control.

As Edgar Kramer, Editor-in-Chief at SoundStage Australia put it: “The Vitus Audio RI-101 is a stupendous sonic performer, excelling at the vividness and life of music… tight, punchy and detailed bass jumps from the mix while the RI-101 amplifier simply thinks, ‘Is this all you’ve got?’”

Connectivity with the optional DAC/Streaming module (2023 version)
The RI-101 Mk.II is now certified Roon Ready. Find out more on the Roon partner page.
The RI-101 Mk.II also supports Mconnect, UPNP/DLNA, Tidal Connect, Spotify connect, V-tuner, Qobuz amongst others.


The RI-101 Mk.II comes in Pure White, Jet Black and Warm Silver as standard. Titanium Orange, Dark Champagne and Titanium Grey are our most popular unique finishes.


Available 3 (L+R) 2 (L+R)
Sensitivity 2 VRMS 2 VRMS
Impedance 16kΩ 16kΩ
Available 1 set balanced 1(XLR)
Impedance 0.075Ω 33Ω
Power WRMS (8Ω) ~8W Class A / ~300W Class AB
Power WRMS (4Ω) ~16W Class A / ~600W Class AB
Bandwidth +800kHz
Signal to noise ratio >100dB @ 1kHz
THD + noise 0.04% @ 100W / 1kHz
Type Relay controlled fixed resistor network
Steps -80dB to +8dB in 1dB steps
Standby <1W
Operation 90W (no load)
Operation with DAC Streamer 120W (no load)
Operation with USB DAC 120W (no load)
Height 182mm including feet
Width 435mm
Depth 470mm (with connectors)
Weight 38kg (w/o DAC/Streamer)
Material Aluminium for body parts and hidden heat sinks
Connector 1 x RJ45 1 x RCA 1 x XLR
Impedance 75Ω 110Ω
Max S/Rate 384kHz + DSD128** + 384MQA 192kHz 192kHz
Resolution 32bit 24bit 24bit
Connector 1 x USB B 1 x Toslink 1 x RCA 1 x XLR
Impedance 75Ω 110Ω
Max S/Rate 192kHz + DSD128** 96kHz 192kHz 192kHz
Resolution 32bit 24bit 24bit 24bit

*Only one optional module can be fitted at a time

**DSD is converted to PCM

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